About CSIRT.es

The CSIRT.es Forum is an independent, non-profit, trustworthy platform made up of computer security incident response teams whose sphere of action or the community of users in which they operate is within Spanish territory.

Members of the CSIRT.es forum provide their user communities with different services, depending on their resources and needs. To join the Forum, CSIRTs must provide some type of service related to Security Incident Response (Incident Analysis, Security Incident Response or Incident Response On Site), Incident Response Support and/or Incident Response Coordination. Another requirement is to have missions and objectives which by law or organizational decision aim to enhance the security of technologies and communications in the Community they serve.

Mission Statement

The CSIRT.es Forum aims to create an independent platform for coordination and trustworthy collaboration between CSIRTs on a national level in order to optimize cooperation with each other and to act in the face of computer security problems in Spanish networks. At the same time, CSIRT.es seeks to promote the dissemination of information of interest and to improve the Forum member CSIRTs’ visibility within the Spanish and international community.

Links of interest:

* CSIRT: Computer Security Incident Response Team / CERT, Computer Emergency Response Team